VDay’s Sexiest Edibles for Just the Right Dose

http://ireadculture.com/ | by Sheryll Alexander | February 4, 2016

Purple Haze Properties Mention: Available for sale online in collector tins and individually wrapped in MMJ dispensaries, Jimi’s Medicated Macaroons (as in long departed rock super star Jimi Hendrix and his living blood brother Leon Hendrix of a burgeoning cannabiz run by licensor CEO Andrew Pitsicalis’ Purple Haze Properties) make for that ultimate in high and heady romance.

When it comes to romance, sex and edibles—more is not better. So here’s our list for getting the most delectable edibles and not overdoing it. Who wants to become a vegetable in bed when you set out to be a lion/ness?


Available for sale online in collector tins and individually wrapped in MMJ dispensaries, Jimi’s Medicated Macaroons (as in long departed rock super star Jimi Hendrix and his living blood brother Leon Hendrix of a burgeoning cannabiz run by licensor CEO Andrew Pitsicalis’ Purple Haze Properties) make for that ultimate in high and heady romance.

Jimi’s bodacious, perfectly French-style 25mg THC-filled treats have the unmistakable mark of a great macaroon. The delicate outside “cracks” impeccably when nibbled and is then equally matched by the sweet insides, which are soft, moist and burst with flavors such as blueberry, chocolate and cappuccino. At 25mg each, these sex bombs are numbingly potent, so it may be best to share one with your beloved a half hour or so before the big moment.

Something Chocolate also delivers music-inspired cannabis treats for Valentine’s Day. Each brilliantly-wrapped box contains four rock-themed truffles (20mg THC per bon bon) made with fine dark Belgian chocolate and other world-class ingredients.

Dixie’s Altai brand churns out some of the best-looking-and-tasting edibles anywhere. Prepping for that special night? Get Altai’s Bon Bons, ALT Bars or Pips in delectable flavors from dolce de leche (bon-bons) to Tahitian vanilla (ALT bars) to espresso bean (pips). The entire chocolate-based lines from Altai come in 10 and 25 THC sativa or indica doses.

For those who want to go vegan, gluten-free and need exact dosages, try Oakland-based Auntie Dolores. Chocolate baked inside decadent artisan brownies are always sexy, so choose from Auntie Dolores’ toffee brownie (100mg THC), chocolate brownie (10 and 100mg THC, 50mg CBD), peanut butter brownie (50mg THC) and chocolate chip cookie (50mg THC).

Kiva Confections are also a gourmet’s delight and feature simple dosing via their full-sized chocolate bars, individually wrapped “minis” and tin-packed “terra bites.” Kiva’s new “minis” come in 15 mg dark and milk chocolate bites or try the four new 45mg flavors: Blackberry dark chocolate, tangerine dark chocolate, vanilla chai milk chocolate and mint Irish cream milk chocolate.

GFarmaLabs breaks out their scrumptious Liquid Gold brand of chocolate-covered cherry cordials for this love season. Available in both dark and light chocolates, each gold-wrapped delight comes with a kick of 25mg THC.


If you’re looking for a nice dessert to enjoy after a romantic dinner, try Mr. McGooz Chocolate Cups available at dispensaries throughout Detroit. Made with natural ingredients, Mr. McGooz chocolate cups are fast acting with marshmallow, peanut butter and caramel as filling options. Enjoy this classic treat with your partner, helping you set the mood for an ideal night of cuddling. Check with your provider to learn the THC content of these products and see what other delicious Mr. McGooz products you can integrate into your Valentine’s Day date in the bedroom.

ChocolateBarFor a treat that is delicious and visually appealing, Mind Right’s Got Milk? chocolate pieces look like they came straight out of a box of chocolates. Sensually place one of these piece in your partner’s mouth and let them revel in its delicious chocolatey peanut butter taste. Although small, this snack packs a THC content of 70mg. Experienced users can take half while beginners should only try a fourth of this edible to avoid missing out on VDay Sex.

Two of the best desserts come together for Nature’s Alternative Super Cheesecake Brownie. This is a favorite of ours with a potent THC content of 45mg. Again, couples may want to share this delicious treat, to avoid being too stoned to get frisky. Rich and creamy, this Super Cheesecake Brownie is a perfect mood setter with relaxing effects, helping you loosen up your inhibitions, and sparking some creativity in the bedroom.

For a treat that is more CBD than THC Ann Arbor Wellness’s Buckeye is a potent treat for couples just starting off and should also be shared by those experienced with edibles. Its CBD content is 72mg with THC content of 42mg. Simple and delicious, these buckeye treats are perfect for popping into your partner’s mouth moments before four play. Let the full effects unravel as the night gets more intense, for a pleasurable, relaxing experience.

Crunchy and chocolatey, Sticky Ypsi’s Chocolate Quad, is created with pure C02 extract oil, making for an organically potent treat. With a THC content of 60mg per square, this is a simple and delicious chocolate that will enhance your romantic evening if shared. After taking a nibble of this chocolate treat, you and your partner can enjoy its uplifting effects that will help make your sexual experience even more euphoric.

Impress your partner this Valentine’s Day with Om of Medicine’s decadent Chocabis Truffles. Made with a blend of special ordered gourmet chocolates, these Chocabis Truffles come in a pack of three with each truffle containing a THC content of 25mg. Not as potent as the other edibles featured in this list, but perfect for maintaining relaxation. These treats are available in five different flavors: Dark cherry, milk coconut, dark coconut, milk malted and cinnamon. A classy treat to incorporate into your romantic evening.


Available at all the finest Oregon retailers is one of our favorites, Cloud 9 Confections. These delectable and gorgeous little artisan chocolates come in an assortment, with three different flavors: Cherry Bomb, Spiced Mocha and Sea Salted Chocolate. At 150mg THC per box, these sweet treats can last you a long time. For your perfect lovers’ night-in, try splitting one or two pieces, sharing each small piece together, and tasting the heavenly organic chocolate slowly. The spiced mocha dives in with Guatemalan coffee and a special spice blend that is sublime, while the sea salted flavor is kissed by the ocean and perfect for sharing. Our favorite however, is the slightly naughty, plump cherry-filled chocolate, that bursts with ooey gooey cherry center and is perfect for infused foreplay.

ChocolateBallWith a tiny bit of a boost of caffeine, Elbe’s Edibles’ Mocha Express Cake Balls are great little treats to satisfy a small sweet tooth, but can be fun and quick to eat too. Seductively shared with your loved one, these one-bite cake balls are made fresh from local ingredients. The potency varies from each fresh batch, so make sure to check with your provider about dosing before you bite in.

Hunny Be Sticks are a fun and flirty alternative for your VDay sweet tooth. These sticks are filled with medicated raw honey from Echo Electuary and is made with organic ginger, cannabis and organic elderberry extract. With 12.5mg THC and 12.5mg of CBD, these lil guys are potent, so suck on them cautiously. Try to share a single stick between you and your lover, or try less for newbies. The combination of 1:1 THC:CBD is an extra relaxing experience, and help shed those inhibitions right when you need to.

The seasoned cannasseurs from Grön Chocolates know the ins and outs of the chocolate world, and have prepared a sweet and delicious Milk Chocolate Bar topped with sea salt. These bars are well known for their strength, providing an average of 400mg per bar. Each square is 40mg, so we recommend that practiced cannabis users should split a single square with their lover, for 20mg per person. For beginners, we even recommend taking a ¼ dose before beginning your love session. Grön also offers multiple variations of chocolate, such as bars with milk chocolate and toasted coconut or almonds, dark chocolate with sea salt, toffee or roasted peanuts, as well as dark chocolate truffles and dark chocolate stars.

The colorful Cannavore Fruit Gummies offer the perfect dose, and are a great edible to use while fooling around with your significant other. Each bag of Gummies comes with 10 servings, with a total of 100mg per bag. Drop them lovingly into your lover’s mouth or start your foreplay with a game of tossing—whatever floats your boat, these gummies are sure to help add some fun to the romance. Cannavore also offers a few other delicious edibles that are well suited for a quick bite in the bedroom, including fruit pastilles, salted caramel chews and chocolate caramel kettlecorn.

Whether you’re ending a romantic meal with some dessert or just getting a pre-sex snack, the Moo Moo Cookies from Green Light Baked Goods are the perfect sweet treat. As a delectable chocolate cookie with both white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts, each bite will send you to heaven. A single cookie is the perfect portion for a bedroom romp, having 40mg that is best split in half and shared between two people who have a decent tolerance for cannabis. Newbies should start with ¼ of the cookie, to avoid being too couch-locked to perform for their Valentine. Green Light Baked Goods also offers a delicious White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie too!


If you’re looking for a nice dessert to enjoy after a romantic dinner, try Infuzionz’ Marshmallow Crispy Treat. These delectable treats are rich and chocolaty with salty undertones. Dusted in house made toffee butter, these bite-size treats have a THC consistency of 10mg. Denver made, Infuzionz’ Marshmallow Crispy Treat is available at The Green Solution dispensaries throughout Colorado. With such a small dosage, these treats will get you feeling relaxed enough to loosen up your inhibitions.

What’s sexier than feeding your partner some delectable Belgian style milk chocolate bites?

Going back to the basics, Mountain Medicine’s Milk Chocolate Caramel Bites are bite size milk chocolates steeped in caramel and come in a pack of eight pieces, with each piece having a THC content of 10mg. This is just enough THC to help get you feeling good, so wait for effects to take place with the first piece before partaking in another. Responsibly enjoy the uplifting effects of these Milk Chocolate Caramel Bites that will help make your sexual experience even more euphoric.

Indulge in Blue Kudu’s Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond Bar to set the mood for a sensual night. These bars come in at 100mg THC, split up into 10mg pieces. Making it easy to determine dosage this is a delicious treat, packed with yummy sour cherry and almond pieces inside, that will get your mind and body feeling ready for any sexual escapade. Convenient and delicious, this is the perfect chocolate bar for couples incorporating cannabis into their night for the first times.

For a gooey and delicious treat, Love’s Oven has got you covered with its Honey Apple Caramel Bites. Each package comes with 10 individually wrapped 10mg pieces, perfect for getting an accurate dosage for you and your partner. These handmade caramels will not only give you and your lover a delightful sense of relaxation, they have a refreshing green apple taste that will delight your taste buds.

Not one for milk or dark chocolates? Incredibles’ Strawberry Crunch Bar is the perfect white chocolate treat that will please both you and your lover. Proving accurate dosing, the Strawberry Crunch Bar has a THC content of 100mg, with each piece containing a perfect 10mg dosage. Enjoy this delicious white chocolate bar made with real strawberries, flax crispies and activated hash oil before getting intimate to enhance your experience and make for a memorable, romantic Valentine’s Day.

Chocolates can be great for a romantic Valentine’s date in the bedroom, but The Growing Kitchen’s Heavenly Honey Lemon Chill Pill is ideal for popping into your lover’s mouth for a sweet, refreshing taste. Enjoy the calming effects of the The Growing Kitchen’s indica strains with these 5mg candies, which are soothing for your mind and body. Perfect for making kisses sweeter, Honey Lemon Chill Pills are available in 10mg pieces for those looking to feel extra amazing.

Can’t get THC-infused edibles in your state? More and more manufacturers are making cannabidiol (CBD) versions of their normally THC medicated edibles because CBD is not psychoactive (and so can be shipped anywhere). How does CBD help when it comes to sex? First, CBD doesn’t get you “high”. Rather, CBD makes one feel more relaxed, less stressed, more balanced and, therefore, more open to feeling joyful and playful.

In today’s explosive (and hopefully orgasmic) edibles market, you really can have your THC, your CBD, have it in your cake and eat it next to your beloved too.

Making Your Own Edibles?

For those who are considering creating their own sexy cannabis confections, the secret is in the butter. Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook puts together recipes from the world’s top cannabis chefs, most notably a big section on each chef’s no-longer-confidential canna butters. Try Cannabis Kitchen’s “majoon love balls” (a round Arabic aphrodisiac treat adapted by renowned chef Chris Killam using honey cannabis butter) or chef Emily Sloat’s “hash hive balls,” which are a no-bake sweet treat made with chocolate, butterscotch, nuts and chow mein noodles ready in a half hour.

Colorado’s premiere cannabis bakery, Sweet Mary Jane, came out with a dessert cookbook not surprisingly titled Sweet Mary Jane: 75 Delicious Cannabis-Infused High-End Desserts. These sumptuous edibles are available in the bakery’s Boulder shop, online or as a recipe you can bake at home including the bakery’s signature Queen of Tarts, OMG Brownie Cheesecake, Lemon Love Bars and Sweet Temptation Mango Sorbet.