CPS Has Exclusive Line of Delectable Jimi Hendrix Cannabis Infused Edibles Is Coming To Colorado

Colorado Product Services and Purple Haze Properties Announce Partnership for Jimi Hendrix’s Cannabis Infused Edibles in Colorado

Aspen,CO 2016- Colorado Product Services (Colorado’s Western Slope’s largest cannabis producer) and Purple Haze Properties are pleased to announce that they have entered a definitive and exclusive partnership to bring a new line of top quality edible cannabis products to Colorado, known as “Jimi’s Cannabis Collection”.

The introduction of “Jimi’s Cannabis Collection” into Colorado’s cannabis industry marks a significant milestone in the legitimization of cannabis branding in Colorado, and we are excited to launch a line of edibles inspired by Jimi Hendrix, the greatest guitarist in Rock ‘n’ Roll history. This collaboration provides Colorado Product Services with an exclusive license to develop and distribute a wide range of organic, delectable cannabis-infused edible products for both recreational and medical cannabis enthusiasts. Colorado Product Services will be introducing proprietary technology to minimize the molecules of cannabinoids that will allow for immediate affect during consumption of its edible products. This will revolutionize the industry and make for safer edibles in Colorado. Colorado Product Services has also been granted the ability to allow other manufactures in Colorado to sub-license “Jimi’s Edibles” within the state.

Our goal is to provide the Colorado cannabis market with the highest caliber products with Jimi Hendrix, whose brand maintains a loyal and growing fan base of 2 billion+ worldwide. This partnership will open up Colorado’s growing cannabis market to an inspiring and authentic consumer experience, while adding to a legacy of award winning products (“Jimi’s Medicated Macaroons”, High Times Flavor of the Month, Top 5 Winner of 2016 California Cannabis Cup). With its vertically integrated production methodology, state of the art Marijuana Infused Product facility, cutting edge infusion technologies, and highly seasoned staff, Colorado Product Services is able to guarantee an unrivalled level of consistency and quality

“The launch of Jimi’s Cannabis Collection, and collaboration with Colorado Product Services and Purple Haze Properties, brings in a new era of high quality cannabis products. Once only a vision, CPS has become one of Colorado’s largest cannabis companies, and we believe that the secret to our success is that we create the most consistent, top quality products in the state. Not only do our products exceed the expectations of both medical and recreational users, our products are always delivered on-time.”

“I am very pleased to partner with Colorado Product Services in bringing Jimi’s brand to Colorado. Their extraction, manufacturing, and distribution teams are best in class and I’m sure Jimi would have been thrilled to try these amazing edible products.” – Andrew Pitsicalis, CEO of Purple Haze Properties.

About Colorado Product Services: Colorado Product Services is the largest producer of cannabis in the Western Slope of Colorado. Using a state-of-the-art 45,000 square foot facility designed and built specifically for growing cannabis indoors, Colorado Product Services strives to produce and distribute the highest quality cannabis products in order to definitively exceed customer’s expectations. For more information visit www.coloradoproductservices.com

About Purple Haze Properties: Purple Haze Properties LLC was founded through a partnership between Andrew Pitsicalis and Leon Hendrix, blood brother to the legendary guitar icon, Jimi Hendrix. Purple Haze Properties is one of the premier sources for Jimi Hendrix related cannabis products, namely, Jimi’s Cannabis Collection. They participate in all aspects of the cannabis industry including Licensing, Social, Medical, Music and Entertainment areas. For more information visit www.purplehazeproperties.com.

“Jimi’s Cannabis Collection” will be available for wholesale and retail throughout the state of Colorado early this summer.

Source: coloradoproductservices.com