Jimi Hendrix brother heads for Swindon

Leon Hendrix, younger brother of the guitar legend who changed the world of electric guitar music, is bringing his own band to Swindon on Saturday, September 3.

It was his brother who encouraged Leon to pick up a guitar, but growing up in the shadow of such a rock icon, the songwriter did not start performing until later in life. He is best known for the original artwork of his brother Jimi.

Leon was an experienced draughtsman for Boeing for a number of years, before forming the Leon Hendrix Band. The rock band have released two albums: Keeper of the Flame and Seattle Rain.

In the Jimi Hendrix song Castles Made of Sand, the 'little Indian brave', that the guitar maestro sang about, is Leon as a little boy dreaming of becoming a fearless warrior.

Leon recalls his memories of 'Buster', as he used to call his brother, in a book called Jimi Hendrix: A Brother's Story, published in 2012 by St Martin's Press. It was co-written by Adam Mitchell.

The nickname Buster came from Buster Crabbe in the film, Flash Gordon, which was a huge favourite of Jimi's.

Leon will be performing his own songs and paying homage to his brother at Level 3 nightclub, in Commercial Road, and tickets are £12 from 01793 534238. - Flicky Harrison

Source: thisiswiltshire.co.uk