Purple Haze Properties will be launching the Purple Haze Foundation dedicated to education, awareness, music and art programs worldwide as well as the building of free schools, hospitals and water pipelines in third world countries. Charity should always go hand and hand with business. Our goal is to create a foundation that helps those in need. Most non-profits do not give a large percentage of their earnings to support their cause. Instead they spend it on salaries, marketing, and functions. Very few non-profits give even 70 percent of the money they receive to their cause. Our mission is to build a charity that gives back. Since we are building the structure of our foundation we are looking for people with experience that would like to help participate in building that vision. We are going to be building Purple Haze Lounges worldwide and will have the Purple Haze Foundation, a program that will have yearly memberships and services to raise money for our causes.

Do you have some experience with charities or have a charity with a good cause? Please feel free to reach out to us! We will be adding more information as we develop the Purple Haze Foundation and look forward to celebrating the launch of this venture. Please feel free to email or call if you are interesting in participating or working with our mission.