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Dan Kennedy


Dan Kennedy was born and raised in Oregon. He developed his love of art at an early age and has since studied many mediums. His passion for creating portraits was found in his third year of college when he took his first airbrush class from a very talented instructor. Dan was immediately drawn to everything airbrushing had to offer.

With this newfound love for the airbrush, Dan began developing his skills and focused on painting portraits.

Dan loves the raw emotion he is able to capture in his portraits. He enjoys working on a variety of famous icons that appeal to a broad audience. Some more recent work includes a four piece series of Jimi Hendrix “jammin” in space. This series was created for Rockin Artwork and Dan loved every minute of it. The series depicts Jimi’s journey through space. Each piece illustrates Jimi’s sessions as his music cries out into the universe making his way home to Earth. Dan has always been inspired by Hendrix’s amazing talent and ability to tap into something from out of this world. When he paints Hendrix pieces Dan always listens to Hendrix music which helps put the flow of the art in the right direction.

Dan also has 10 years of experience as a graphic designer. He now owns and operates his own graphic design company where he uses his love of artwork to create graphics that his costumers will value forever. For Dan the most fascinating aspect of art is seeing the end result of the thoughts in his mind actualizing into a visual piece of art.