Monthly Archives: October 2015

First Harvest Financial Announces Agreement for Cannabis-Related Products

First Harvest Financial and Frontera Advisors are proud to announce the launch of Watchtower Masterpieces, Inc., which has acquired licensing rights from Purple Haze Properties, LLC to produce cannabis-related Jimi Hendrix products globally. Los Angeles-based Frontera Advisors, LLC principals Luke K. Stanton and Tarek K. Tabsh, and Jeffrey D. Welsh were instrumental in negotiating and…
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Los Angeles Business Journal Interview with Purple Haze Properties

View JPG By MARNI USHEROFF Staff Reporter Marijuana: Hendrix Brother Cues Up Pot Products Haze-y Focus - Brother pitches Jimi Hendrix for licensed pot products MARIJUANA dispensaries could soon be confused with record stores as such names as Bob Marley and Willie Nelson start gracing canisters of cannabis, brownies and hemp lotions lining pot…
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